Maple Leaf Roleplay

Realistic Canadian Roleplay

Maple Leaf Roleplay is dedicated to creating the most authentic Canadian roleplaying experience to Grand Theft Auto V. Through our education programs & leadership we provide the best level of support for new members, and in turn creates the highest quality of patrols for everyone. MLRP is dedicated to the idea of providing a high quality atmosphere when not acting in official capacity, and using all aspects of training and reinenforcement when acting in official capacity, making the entire community experience something for everyone. All community staff from the lowest level up to the Head Administration Team strive daily to grow the community and grow alongside the members making everyone feel welcome. We encourage everyone to give Maple Leaf a try.

Realistic Departments

We've studied and consulted with real law enforcement to create an experience like none other in FiveM.

Stellar Development

From Custom Vehicles to Custom Scripts, we've curated the best server possible using the best assets available.

Advanced Training

Our instructors and training officers work tirelessly to ensure Recruits are trained with what they need versus what they already know

Canadian Realism

We've researched to the best of our ability to ensure the most accurate Canadian immersion possible. We want each members to feel as though they are patrolling in Ontario.

Joining Process

We've streamlined the joining process to ensure we are gaining quality, dedicated members into our community without redundancies. Once you have filled out the application, our team will review to ensure the answers are adequate and you meet our minimum requirements. If we find you are a good fit, you'll be invited for an interview with a Human Resources Member who will ask some tough questions about your experiences, goals, and personality. If you're deamed to be a perfect fit, you'll be accepted and begin the training stages with the department you applied to.

Training and Education

We not only believe in a training program that will actually train you, we also believe in furthering that training through further education. We know that no one can be taught everything they need to know in one sitdown training session. Our training program is designed to train you on in and out-of-game practices to ensure you know the basic of our patrol functions. From there, we continue working with you over your entire career as a Constable, Firefighter, Paramedic or Operator to ensure you understand the proper policies in accordance with our policies and Canadian law.