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T. Gilroyed

[Previous] September 9 - September 23

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Attention all! We're recruiting once again! Read below for more information.

Applications are open from

September 9 - September 23

for Ottawa Police, Ottawa Fire, Communications and Civilian

────────────── Application Instructions ──────────────

How to Submit an Application

Create an Account by clicking "Signup" in the top right of the website

Verify your email to activate your account

Once activated, click "Open Applications" at the top, or click here

Look for "Membership Application" and click "Apply"

Fill in each question to the best of your ability. Take as much time as possible reading through your answers and making sure your application is the best it can be!

When you are confident your application is ready to go, click "Save"

Congratulations, you have just applied to Maple Leaf Roleplay! Please note, it may take our team up to 72 to reply, please patiently await a response and refrain from contacting us in the Discord asking for us to view your application.


How to View the Status of your Application

Ensure you are logged into the account you created the application with

Click "Forums" at the top of the site, or click here.

If this is the first application you are submitting, look for your application in either of the categories.

Once opened, scroll to the bottom to view any replies by our team.

If this is not the first time you are submitting an application, you will need to look in each of the categories, but make sure you are viewing your most recent application.

Alternatively, you can view your messages for a message by our team. Click here to go to your messages.

If you have any questions, ask in our Discord.


────────────── Frequently Asked Questions ──────────────

Which departments will be open?

Ottawa Police, Ottawa Fire, Communications and Civilian

How can I learn more before applying?

Join our Discord! Lots of information is available and our staff are available to answer your questions!

I want to be in a closed department, can I transfer later?

If a department is not recruiting in this period, they most likely are not taking transfers as well. At a later time, you can transfer between departments (with permission) but you would need to participate/get trained in the department you applied for first. If you do not want to join any department except for a closed one, we recommend waiting until that department opens recruitment.

Do I have to be a resident of Canada to apply?

No! You can view our Membership Requirements by clicking here. Anyone from around the world is welcome to apply, as long as you meet those requirements.

How strict is the roleplay?

Maple Leaf Roleplay is dedicated to creating the most authentic experience possible. When you are in-game and actively RPing as any department, you'll be held to a high standard of realism. Think "if it doesn't happen in Ottawa, it won't happen here" as each individual scenario and encounter with another person should be accurate to that of a real life scenario or encounter. Worried? Don't! We've created extensive training programs to teach each member how to be the best possible player in-game.

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